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A local security company in business to serve the Waterloo Region.

Great products installed for local or remote access to effectively protect property.
Easy to use interfaces, keypads and apps that allow you to create your own site without programming knowledge. Create scenarios from scratch by logging in to our cloud to set cameras recording on the arrival of kids, on deliveries or on virtually any event.

You can easily move elements with touch screens or a mouse to quickly set up for exciting scenarios.

Creative apps and programs are available for multiple platforms.

Optional door locks, climate and lighting controls also available.

Easy to use equipment.

Come and go as you please with no inconvenience.

Professional, courteous installations with you in mind.

Clearly documented instructions with great coaching.

Built in remote access capabilities allow you access anytime anyplace.


Access Control    


Mobile Apps   

Builder Programs   

HOSS Systems Inc

776 Laurelwood Dr.
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N2V 0A8
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HOSS Systems Inc.
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Serving the Waterloo Region
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